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Our Origin Story

Calm Radio was founded by Eric Harry, a multi-award winning composer and recipient of the Silver London International Award for music and lyrics.

A classically trained musician, in 2009, Eric realized there was no online home for relaxation, instrumental or classical music. From the beginning, Eric learned the technology, built the team and curated the content which is now Calm Radio.

Eric initially launched Calm Radio as a place to host solo piano and meditation music that he was personally composing and recording. With Pandora as the only real competitor at the time, more and more artists wanted to add their music. Eric introduced a subscription model and channels were added. What started as a hobby became a business.

Today, Calm Radio operates and thrives at the dynamic intersection of two prolific markets; digital music and the health and wellness sector. It is more than just another source for music. It has fast become a leader for wellness stories, health tips, general interest people stories, places, music and music and/or health gear.

Behind each and every listening experience at Calm Radio is the musical and audio expertise of an individual programmer. Each of our over 500 plus relaxation channels has been specifically curated around the top three activities in listeners’ lives: work, study, and sleep.

Furthermore, our channels are finding an ever-increasing home in medical offices, the offices of professionals as well as hotel common areas.

Calm Radio Quick Facts

🎧 Nearly 6 Million Monthly Listening Hours
🧘 Over 1 Million Unique Monthly Users
🎧 Over 500 Channels
💳 45% YoY growth in Monthly Recurring Revenues
🧘‍♂️ 85% YoY growth in Newly Registered Listeners
4.6 Star Rating on Apple App Store

Calm Radio Boilerplate

Calm Radio provides its users with music for a healthier life. They are the world’s largest provider of life-enhancing music with an emphasis on focus, relaxation, mindfulness and sleep music. Calm Radio was recognized as the 2019 “Industry Star” by the Los Angeles’ based Media Excellence Awards and Best New App Upgrade by Apple in 2019.

Calm Radio began in 2009, founded by Eric Harry, a multi-award winning composer. Eric realized there was no online home for relaxation, instrumental, or classical music and decided to solve that problem. Since then, Calm Radio has grown into the largest provider of relaxing music on the internet and is poised to become the Spotify of the Wellness Market.

Calm Radio® is a registered trade-mark of Calm Radio Corp.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Wayne Seifried, CFO Calm Radio, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 416-627-3331.